World of Warcraft – A Race to World First


As the hype for patch 8.2 intensifies, so too does the excitement for yet another mythic world first race! But man, things are different this time around. The guild Method is making some big waves!

Since the days of Legion, fans have been able to watch the world first races via the powers of Twitch.tv with several members of the competing guilds deciding to live stream their guild’s progress, as they were fighting the bosses and getting the kills. This seemly created a huge following for the “World First Race”, and in September of last year, things evolved further.

Alongside the release of the latest expansion (Battle for Azeroth) and the first raid tier (Uldir), Redbull came out of nowhere and blew the scene up by inviting one of the top EU favourites Method, to their Gaming Sphere in Shoreditch, London, to live stream their perspective. This was the first time that we as viewers were able to see the viewpoints of multiple raid members as they took on each boss. The same thing happened for 8.1 raid release, with Method again migrating to central London to plug in and succeed in taking yet another title.

This time though, the pot has been well and truly stirred…

World first race announcement from Method
World first race announcement from Method

On 7th July Method announced they will be hosting the world first race for 8.2 raid, The Eternal Palace, themselves live from TakeTV in Germany, and they are planning to do some pretty cool stuff!

This event will be the first to broadcast multiple guilds from all over the world as they participate in the race, with some big names in the line up (Alpha, Ji Tian Hong, vodkaz, Big Dumb Guild, and of course, Method to name but a few). With so many guilds in the mix, we’ll get a 24/7 interactive stream with commentary from some top personalities, such as the Preacher himself, Mike “Preach” Lamb, and fan favourite Alan “Hotted” Widmann!

If they pull this off it’s going to be big! There is some serious potential here for them to show Blizzard what they’ve been missing out on for 8 expansions now and put on a good show.

I for one will definitely be tuning in to support the EU boys. Let’s go Method! Catch you in Twitch chat! #IWASHERE.

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