Get a GRIP on the Summer of Combat

Indie combat racer is on a roll.

Video GRIP Summer of Combat trailer

Hot summer update for indie combat racer.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 Is Here!

Buckle up, your wallets are in for a bumpy ride.

Game Pass adds 20+ games over console and PC

The biggest problem is what to play next...

The SharkPG you never knew you needed

Ever dreamed of swimming through the Gulf Coast eating everything in your path? It's your lucky day.

Games Indie

Video Maneater E3 trailer

Brand new SharkPG coming to Steam from Tripwire Interactive.

Games Indie

Video 12 Minutes E3 reveal trailer

Fascinating looking top-down narrative thriller.

Games Indie

Video Psychonauts 2 E3 trailer

Double Fine shows of new footage after being acquired by Microsoft.

Games Indie

Video ID@Xbox E3 trailer

Handy montage of Xbox's indie offerings.

Games Indie

Video RPG Time: The Legend of Wright E3 trailer

Incredibly detailed, 2D hand-drawn game, one to watch for sure.

Games Indie

Video Spiritfarer E3 trailer

Become the ferrymaster in this game of compassion and boat building.

Games Indie

Video Blair Witch E3 trailer

New horror game from the team that created Observer.

Games Indie

Video Ori and the Will of the Wisps E3 trailer

Ori sequel gets a 2020 release date.

Games Indie

John Wick Hex annouced with trailer

The movie assassin gets his own game from Thomas Was Alone and Volume creator.

Video John Wick Hex Annoucement Trailer

"fight-choreographed chess brought to life as a video game", what more do you need to know?