Can Adam Savage build a flying Iron Man suit?

Ed Willey

Adam Savage, who you may know as one of the co-hosts of the very successful Mythbusters tv show, now has his own series coming to the Discovery channel.

Savage Builds sees Adam attempting to build incredibly ambitious projects, leaning on experts in the field of each creation, kicking off with Tony Starks Iron Man armour.

Not only did they want it to fly, but of course it had to bulletproof as well.

To achieve his goal Adam 3D prints the whole suit out of titanium, the design being based on the Mark II armour from the MCU. Richard Browning from Gravity Industries (if that doesn’t sound like a comic book tech company…) gets involved to help with the whole ‘flying’ part.

If you happen to live in the US you can see how he gets on by watching the first episode for free over on the Discovery Channel website.

The remaining seven episodes plan to tackle a diverse range of builds including a Panjandrum and three Mad Max-style vehicles.

Maybe one day we’ll all have jetpacks and hoverboards. We can but dream.

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