Nintendo Switch Lite Is Coming!

Az Joyce

We’re a smidge late to the party, so excuse us for that. But for those of you who this IS news to, yesterday Nintendo announced new Switch hardware!

The good news is we’re getting a smaller lighter and more portable switch, the bad news is we’re not getting the long rumoured “pro” model, at least not yet. So the aptly named Nintendo Switch “Lite” following in the foot steps of its DS brethren, will be in our hands September 20th.

What’s different you might ask? Well that’s where I can help. There are some significant differences with Switch Lite, the biggest difference being the lack of dock support. So no longer can you come home from your commute, or what ever outside activities you may be doing, and continue your gaming session on your TV. Next is the fact that there are no detachable joycons, you can still connect extra joycons to the console, but Switch Lite is an all in one unit. Alongside the lack of removable joycons is the departure of HD Rumble, aka the thing that makes your joycons vibrate. These undetachable joycons also means titles like 1-2-Switch won’t be compatible with Switch Lite. Those are the significant changes from the OG Switch, other than that it’s pretty much business as usual.

Price? Oh yeah, these things don’t come for free. Switch Lite comes in at £199 in the UK so roughly £80 cheaper than the larger dockable Switch. The new console variant will come in Turquoise, Grey and a pretty nifty Yellow.

Will you be trading up your old Switch, getting an extra Switch or just be buying for the first time. Hell you might not be doing any of those things. Let us know in the comments below!

Oh and keep crunchin’!

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